Saturday, July 28, 2012

Surge Capacity

Database: PubMed

((surge capacity[MeSH Terms] OR "surge capacity"[tiab] OR "surge capacities"[tiab])) OR (("health facilities"[MeSH Terms] OR hospital[tiab] OR hospitals[tiab]) AND (surge[tiab] OR surges[tiab] OR surged[tiab] OR "rapidly mobilize"[tiab] OR "rapidly mobilizes"[tiab] OR "rapidly mobilized"[tiab] OR "rapidly expand"[tiab] OR "rapidly expands"[tiab] OR "rapidly expanded"[tiab]) AND ("Disasters"[MeSH Terms] OR "Disaster Medicine"[MeSH Terms] OR "Mass Casualty Incidents"[MeSH Terms] OR disaster[tiab] OR disasters[tiab] OR catastrophe[tiab] OR catastrophes[tiab] OR catastrophic[tiab] OR "mass casualty"[tiab] OR "mass casualties"[tiab]))

Note: Requested by Melinda

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