Friday, July 20, 2012

Campus Safety

Database: PubMed

((((((((disaster planning[MeSH Terms])) OR ("disease outbreaks/prevention and control"[MeSH Terms])) OR ("Risk Management/methods"[Mesh:noexp] OR "Risk Management/organization and administration"[Mesh:noexp])) OR (disasters[MeSH Terms])) OR (emergencies[MeSH Terms])) OR (((((((((disaster*[Title/Abstract]) OR "emergency plan"[Title/Abstract]) OR "emergency planning"[Title/Abstract]) OR "emergency response"[Title/Abstract]) OR "emergency preparedness"[Title/Abstract]) OR "security service"[Title/Abstract]) OR "security services"[Title/Abstract]) OR "campus security"[Title/Abstract]) OR "campus police"[Title/Abstract]))) AND (((universities[MeSH Terms])) OR ((((((university[Title]) OR universities[Title]) OR student[Title]) OR students[Title]) OR campus[Title]) OR campuses[Title]))

Note: Designed for campus staff and turned into a monthly email alert. Notification email of new publications that match this search is sent at the beginning of every month to the patron.

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